Settlement Creation

By creating a Banner, the player can establish his Overview in any free hex of the Mithraeum World

There are only a few restrictions: your settlement must be no less than and no more than 3 hexes away from one of the already placed settlements, including the cultist camp and settlements in other zones. Also, in the zone you have chosen, there must be fewer than 40 settlements.

Thus, there will be 3 types of hexes in the zone: those on which it is possible to place a settlement right now, those on which it will never be possible to place a settlement, and those hexes that may be opened for installation in the future.

When creating a settlement, it is important to take into account the bonus hexes that surround it, as in the future, this will provide an opportunity to strengthen your economy with the help of them. The closer a hex is to you, the easier it is to capture. However, placing a settlement on an already captured hex will permanently destroy its bonus.

One player can own any number of settlements. In the future, he can use them to transfer them to other players for management, loan, or irrevocably.

Each zone has its own settling cost

The starting cost of a settlement is 1000 xDAI

The initial price drop rate is 10% per hour. That is, for the first hour of trading, the price for the last one will drop to 900 xDAI

But each next installation in the zone increases the cost of the subsequent placement by 30% and slows down the rate of fall in the price per hour by 10%

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