Settlement Creation

By creating a Banner, the player can establish his Settlement in any free hex of the Mithraeum World
There are only a few restrictions: your settlement must be at least 2 hexes away from another settlement, and there must be fewer than 40 settlements in the zone you choose
One player can own any number of settlements. In the future, he can use them to transfer them to other players for management, loan, or irrevocably.
Each zone has a placing cost in BLESS, depending on the number of settlements already placed in this zone
Exact formula
price=1+0.5price = 1+0.5*
current number of settlements in this zone​
Each zone has its own settling cost
The starting cost of the settlement is 1000 XDai
The initial price drop rate is 75% per hour. That is, for the first hour of trading, the price for the last one will drop to 250 XDai
But each next installation in the zone increases the cost of the subsequent installation by 20% and slows down the rate of fall in the price per hour by 20%