Current Prosperity

Although the Сurrent Prosperity is logically related to the Max Prosperity, in some situations, they behave completely oppositely

Current Prosperity always goes down when goes down Max Prosperity: when hiring workers and penalty when canceling a hex capture

Both of them grow the same with the demilitarization of troops in Barracks


The current prosperity is used for betting for capturing a hex with a bonus. The mechanic itself does not consume the Current Prosperity. The player just needs to have an appropriate supply of it

The current prosperity grows gradually as the treasuries of certain buildings fill up

At the same time, prosperity cannot only grow but also fall if the treasury was plundered during the siege or if the building was upgraded.

Building prosperity = resource coefficient * current resource amount in the building's treasury / building level coefficient

Resource coefficient:

  • food - 0,5

  • wood - 1

  • ore - 2

  • weapons - 3

Building level coefficient:

It is because of this that during the upgrade process, the current prosperity will, in some cases, be reduced, depending on the state of the treasury

The exact amount of temporary loss of prosperity is indicated in the upgrade costs

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