Cultists (PvE)

Cultists live in one of the camps in the center of the zone and are not controlled by players
All units in the cultist army are warriors
The cultist army can not attack or maneuver, but it can be attacked (and overall cultist army behaves like any militarized group without control)
The battle with cultists always lasts a maximum time of 48 hours
Players can side with the cultists in the Lobby phase.
The game has a button that increases the number of cultists in all zones - the “Summon button” The button can only be pressed if a certain amount of time has passed since the last press (two weeks)
Cultist armies that are engaged in battles at the “moment of summoning” can also be increased, but the number of cultists in ongoing battle will not change. The remnants of cultists from the battle will unite with newcomers at the end of the battle
The number by which the cultists will be increased differs for each zone and depends on the toxicity accumulated in it
New cultists=(square root of total zone toxicity) *5
New cultists = total zone toxicity /25
In 10 days after pressing the “Summon Button,” it becomes possible to press the “End the World” button
Activating the "End the World" button wipes all resources, armies, and buildings
Two conditions are required to activate the “End the World” button: 10 days have passed since the last “summoning” of the cultists at the time of activating “End the World,” and the number of cultists exceeds the number of zones multiplied 3000
For example: With 5 zones in the game, there is a limit of 15,000 cultists in total
In addition, cultists have an influence on the economy of their zone
Every 100 cultists in the zone slow down the production of all resources for all settlements by 1%. If there are 10,000 cultists in the zone, all production stops completely
A zone can not have more than 10000 cultists
When calculating the growth of settlers in the Bonding Curve, the number of cultists in the zone will be added to the number of Workers in the zone
Since the growth of settlers depends on their price, and the price depends on the quantity, then an increase in the virtual number of settlers will reduce the virtual price and, according to the mechanics described above, will reduce the real growth of settlers
For example, with 250 settlers in Bonding Curve and 750 cultists in the camp, the increase of settlers will be 2 times less than in a situation where there are 0 cultists in the zone
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