They are used to set up settlements and calculate the distance between settlements during army maneuvers
In addition, some hexes can be captured and then they give some economic bonus
Chance of appearance, %
15% Farm
20% Farm
25% Farm
20% Lumbermill
30% Lumbermill
40% Lumbermill
30% Mines
45% Mines
60% Mines
50% Smithy
70% Smithy
20% Fort
30% Fort
40% Fort
Bonus gives free worker for one of 5 types of production in the settlement
Each settlement can only own three maximum hexes
A settlement can only captured one hex at a time
Capturing a hex requires a supply of prosperity and time
The capture time depends on the distance between the hex and the settlement. Each hex of distance increases the capture time by 9 hours
The initial bet can be 0.1 prosperity, but this bet can be easily outbid by another player. To protect your stake, you can independently choose a higher value of prolperity, not exceeding the current prolperity of your settlement.
By itself, capturing does not consume Prosperity. But the player is required to have enough prosperity at the beginning of the capture to outbid other players, and at the end of the capture, he must have at least 70% of his initial bet.
Your bet can be outbid by another player if he offers at least 30% more prosperity. You can also place bets on a hex that already belongs to the player. Moreover, the player will be the owner of this hex until the auction ends
A player can place a bet not only to capture the hex, but also to prevent another player from capturing the hex. The distance to the hex does not limit this possibility in any way, but the player will have to pay a 25% prosperity penalty for canceling the bet
For example:
Now there is a bet per hex in the amount of 100 prosperiti.
To outbid you need 130 prosperity.
If the capture is stopped before it ends, the player will lose 25 prosperiti.
If abandoned after the end, the player will lose 0 prosperity.
In order to confirm the capture after it ends, you need 70 prosperity
You can also bet on a hex that already has an owner. In this case, the rules remain the same, but the owner will receive a bonus until the capture is successful.
The owner has the right to bet on the hex he already owns and, if he wins, he will remain the owner of the hex.