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The purpose of the siege is the fort of the enemy. After the destruction of the fort, the accumulation of treasury tokens begins, which can be exchanged for the resources of the besieged settlement located in its treasury
Any army on this hex may take part in the siege
Before the start of the siege, the player will have to choose one of three siege modes that differ in efficiency and risks
Ultimately, the player's army will be divided into 2 parts: guards and raiders
The guards are just waiting and can be attacked by the enemy army
The raiders deal permanent damage to the fort, or if the fort falls, they earn robbery tokens that can be exchanged for resources from the treasury of the besieged settlement
Each raider deals 1 damage to the fort per day, regardless of Unit Types.
The raiders cannot be attacked but can be Liquidation if the number of guards as a result of the battle is reduced by less than a third of the total (<33%)
During the battle, you can withdraw all or part of the raiders from the siege in order to save them from liquidation. But at the same time, they will not get to the aid of the guards