After the experience of previous tests, we decided to hold a new competition in a tournament format

The main and most noticeable change is that players are now fighting not for the future tokens of the project but for a specific prize pool in stablecoins. Moreover, this fund is formed from the entrance fees of the players themselves, we, as developers, only guarantee a certain minimum of 5000 xDai

The distribution of the reward fund does not take place after the end of the tournament, but right during the game, the player can exchange farmed or looted WEAPON for xDai at a fixed rate of 2 cents for 1 WEAPON

The only thing that can change the exchange rate upwards is the victory of the cultists and the world wipe that follows. Every time a wipe occurs, the price of the exchange will increase by 5 times

If all stablecoins in the prize pool run out - the game stops, and the tournament ends

In addition, the mechanics of the Cultists, Settlement Creation, and Maneuver were brought to a logical point, multiple changes were made to the balance of the economy and war

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