Toxicity grows with a player’s every action, which creates a free (transferable) resource, such as food, wood, ore, and weapons.

  • when harvesting resources. Although, the resources that are filling the treasury do not increase toxicity.

  • when robbing a settlement. In such cases, toxicity increases in the settlement of the robber

  • When you withdraw resources previously invested in a building

Toxicity drops when the resource is burned or turned into a non-transferable resource.

Based on this logic, if a settlement did not receive resources from another settlement, its toxicity will always be above 0

The toxicity of the settlement does not change when transferring resources to another player or contract (for example, when selling a resource to the Market)

Each resource type has its own toxicity multiplier

Settlement toxicity can have both positive and negative values.

The total toxicity of all settlements in the zone affects the number of Cultists (PvE) summoned to this zone.

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