Workers are people who live in a settlement. To hire more workers, you need to hire them for ​Prosperity in the Townhall.

The price of workers is set depending on supply and demand in the zone to which the settlement belongs.

The maximum number of workers in a settlement is unlimited. Each worker in a workplace in production buildings is involved in the resource production of this building.

Workers can work in buildings like this: farm, lumbermill, mine, smithy, fort.

Each worker generates 10 points of resources per day in production buildings. And 1 HP in the fort.

With the help of captured hexes, you can replace some of the normal workers with extra workers from the hex. At the same time, the capacity of the building will not be changed, and ordinary workers who exceed the limit will simply be unassigned.

At the same time, the total number of extra workers cannot exceed 100% of the building capacity

Workers can be used to create infantry in barracks

With the demilitarization of the infantry, the workers will return back, and can be used for production

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