Each settlement always has one army. It is impossible to create two or more armies, no matter how developed the settlement is
An army can contain a different number of units of 3 types. An army can be located in any settlement on the map, regardless of the remoteness of this settlement on the map. An army can participate in the following types of activities: battle, siege, battle and siege at the same time, maneuvering on the map
An army can be demilitarized in any settlement
Demilitarization will benefit a player on which settlement you’re currently standing. The player will receive prosperity max capacity, which will result in him being able to purchase workers
The prosperity obtained depends on the current cost of units of this type in the zone where the army is currently located. Prosperity value gained = number of units demilitarized * their current cost *7. Each demilitarized unit reduces the cost of units of that type by 0.3%
An army can only be replenished in Barracks of its home settlement, and it cannot contain more units than the current HP of the fort
In one settlement, there can be several armies at once, which are in different types of activities, and participating in several parallel battles