The summer test has several new game mechanics and features.
New mechanics are: three types of troops, two-phase battle, movement accelerations and cultists.
We also decided to make it more interesting and fair for the player to get into the game. We abandoned whitelists and now players receive an access token Broken link, with which they participate in a kind of auction, choosing the best and cheapest place on the map.
A special feature is the new reward system and the duration of the test. Depending on who wins, players or cultists, there will be two different categories of players awarded with future Mithraeum native tokens.
If the players win, these will be the TOP 10 players in the zone by Max Prosperity, as in the winter test.
If the cultists win, only the three largest holders of the three types of game resources will be awarded.
The duration of the test will also be different - for the players to win, the test must last 3 full months, if the cultist win, the test ends instantly upon their victory.