Currently, the military part of the game is one of the developed ones. The player has a large list of options for using military mechanics: defense, bluff, participation in diplomacy, simple robbery of weaker players, elimination of competitors, ideological confrontation

At the same time, the military mechanics, in one way or another, relates to everything that happens in the game: the player must choose to develop the production of resources so that his risks are acceptable, hiring workers can provoke your competitors, the initial arrangement of the settlement on the map can also be either cautious or aggressive

The implementation of military mechanics requires the player not just quantitative characteristics but the ability to correctly find opponents and allies, correctly move around the map, choose military units according to situations, always keep in mind the economic part of the game and remember that in addition to current tasks, there is also a global strategy

Buildings that directly affect the military part of the game: Farm Fort SmithyBarracks

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