This building is an indicator of the health of the settlement. The higher the level of this building, the more health the settlement has It is the main defensive structure against sieges
In addition to passive defense, the fort HP affects your ability to hire an army. The number of units in your army cannot be greater than the fort's current HP. If the fort HP drops to 0, you will completely lose the ability to hire an army
When a settlement is attacked, the health of this building begins to be lost. When health reaches 0, the attacker can start robbing the besieged settlement. Detailed in Robbery section The settlers spend food and wood on repairing the building. Each worker restores 1 health point per day for 2 wood and 3 food Resources are burned while workers heal the fort The number of workers corresponds to the rate of health regeneration
When upgrading the fort level, the maximum number of workers who can repair the wall here and the maximum fort health increase
The upgrade of the fort always lasts one day. The player must accept the fact that an army can be recruited almost instantly, and the process of building and upgrading a fort takes an extremely long time
When workers increase fort Current Fort HP, the appearance of the settlement on the map changes, and other players can see it
If the HP of the fort falls, then the settlement is under siege and this is also visible on the map
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