In the barracks, you can hire an army for WEAPON
There are three types of troops in total, each of which has unique characteristics that give it an advantage in a certain situation
You can also see the damage and HP of your troops in different phases of the battle. This will help you plan the outcome of the battle with other troops
When planning your strategy, keep in mind that you can only recruit troops at a time when your army size is no larger than your Fort
This section will help you plan your movement, in which you can see the cost in FOOD of the accelerated movement of your army
Demilitarization will benefit a player on which settlement you’re currently standing. The player will receive prosperity max capacity, which will result in him being able to purchase workers
The prosperity obtained depends on the current cost of units of this type in the zone where the army is currently located. Prosperity value gained = number of units demilitarized * their current cost *7. Each demilitarized unit reduces the cost of units of that type by 0.3%
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