Mithraeum is a pure on-chain grand strategy game strongly focused on players’ social interactions. To be successful in the game, the players use their economic and military resources (physical layer), alongside social and analytical skills converting them into political influence and thus spread their will upon others (social layer). In other words, it is a strategy game that, thanks to the blockchain as a game theoretic playground, turns into a real-time political simulator.
Mithraeum is not just a game, it is an environment that creates conditions and incentivization for players to build their on-chain social laws on top of a basic game protocol. Accordingly, they scale their weight in the competitive struggle for geographic spheres of influence.
After a blisteringly successful alpha, the time has come for the game to smoothly transition into beta. This will provide the final staging post for all the core mechanics needed for the autonomous decentralized operation to have been completed and tested, preceding the game’s final transition to the mainnet state forever.
Mithraeum is currently at the Iron Age stage — a series of limited public tests where the Mithraeum community tests and validates hypotheses related to game design. It takes place on the Gnosis Chain. We are pleased to announce that the second Tournament is on its way.
Last modified 7mo ago